Assessments, INdividual & Group Therapy

Clever Bees provides mobile paediatric occupational therapy services tailored to meet the individual needs of your child. We work with you and your child at home, school or in the community to achieve their goals.

Clever Bees provides assessments as well as individual and group-based intervention sessions to best meet your child and family's unique needs.

Clever Bees helps children develop their gross and fine motor skills, handwriting, school readiness,  self-care and independence skills, sensory processing as well as their social skills and self-management strategies.

Clever Bees works with children who have motor skill difficulties, postural instability, handwriting difficulties, joint hypermobility, behavioural difficulties, Autism, learning difficulties, mental health conditions, neurological conditions, and physical and intellectual disabilities.



We offer a range of screening and assessment packages for children and young people including pre-school screeners, kindergarten screeners, specialised handwriting assessments (for school and university students), as well as full functional, motor and sensory assessments.


We provide individualised tailored occupational therapy programs aimed to meet the specific goals of children and young people and their families, such as:

  • Self-care - toileting, showering, dressing, eating, organisational skills, tying show laces.

  • Motor skills - balance, ball skills, core strength, coordination, fine motor control, finger and hand strength.

  • Handwriting - holding and manipulating a pen/pencil, letter formation, writing legibility, typing skills, fatigue management, hand strengthening.

  • Sensory processing - ability to identify and appropriately respond to sensory (vision, hearing, touch (tactile), body position (proprioception), and movement (vestibular) input. Therapy also focuses on building self-regulation skills.

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Group therapy packages, including our LEGO Group, are offered focusing on school readiness, fine motor skill development, handwriting and social skills. Packages are offered on a needs basis, in different locations convenient to the children and families participating.

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Clever Bees works as part of a team, working closely with other members of you family‚Äôs support team including teachers, early educators, paediatricians, psychologists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, GPs, social workers and coordinator of supports.